Tactical Knives

Tactical (fighting) knives are designed for military and special forces use, but also serve very well in the needs of hunters, rescuers and other user groups, because they are first of all - reliable and functional knives. In comparison to traditional fighting knives (usually in the shape of double-edged dagger) that were designed with a sole purpose of inflicting lethal injury to an enemy, modern tactical knives can be better described as "fighting utility knives". Besides using in a knife fight, including piercing Kevlar armour, modern fighting knives are also meant for wider military service, including clearing and preparation of firing position, emergency and rescue operations, reconnaissance and concealment assignments, parachuting and EOD tasks, as well as doing routine field and camp work. Special attention must be paid to the sheath of a tactical knife - losing a weapon behind enemy lines can cost one's life. Success of an attack by special forces to a large degree depends on the factor of surprise, therefore absense of noise, ability to attach for comfortable carry so the knife does not meddle with fighter's movements and fast draw are of critical importance. Tactical Echelon series - is a realization of the requirements of the special forces units that Kizlyar Supreme closely works with in development of military knives - they are designed for comfortable and noiseless carry on modern webbing systems and allow momentary extraction to carry out an attack instantly.