Urban: \"When style becomes the image of the personality\" on website Knives-Reviews.eu (January 2014)

Urban: "When style becomes the image of the personality" on website Knives-Reviews.eu (January 2014)





URBAN by Kizlyar Supreme – When style becomes the image of the personality

Author: Alessandra De Santis


The young Russian manufacturer Kizlyar Supreme, continues to surprise us with the release of a new model, the URBAN, designed to meet daily needs.

The Kizlyar Supreme, which is making its way into the world market of blades, is implementing its production capacity by expanding it significantly, in order to meet the growing demands of market, without ever losing sight of the quality of their products.

The Russian company infact, in addition to using good quality steels, makes heat treatment into a controlled atmosphere (nitrogen), in order to eliminate problems associated with decarburization and oxidation of steel.

This method also ensures the obtaining of the required mechanical and metallurgical characteristics. These treatments are conducted in fully automated systems with computerized management systems, able to control all stages of the process, joining the repetitiveness of the machining with high productivity.

This system, although expensive, allows a stable and controlled processing of large quantities of knives, allowing to maintain constant and high quality of the material.

The Kizlyar Supreme is currently working on new products and among these, exclusively for Knives Reviews, the URBAN model.

It is a fixed blade and full tang knife of small size. It is designed to be worn daily and comfortably in all circumstances (of course in countries where the law permits) to use it as utility backup knife. Thanks to its design, the URBAN meets a wide range of users.

The first thought that runs through the mind after a quick observation to the knife is what the celebrated English historian Edward Gibbon wrote in "Memoirs of my life": "Style is the image of personality." This phrase sums up the philosophy that Kizlyar Supreme was able to infuse into this knife, which expresses all its character through a sophisticated design, made even more attractive thanks to finish surface that gives the product the style and class that sometimes only the simplicity is able to transmit (we can say that sometimes "less is more").

The drop point blade, 93.6 mm long and 3.2 mm thick, is made of D2 steel with a stone wash finish onto titanium coating. This coating, in addition to give an attractive look to the knife, protects the blade and reduces visibility of scratches that inevitably occur with use.

The handle consists of two ergonomic grips made of micarta, which give a comfortable grip of the knife, as well as represent a continuum of blade style. The knife, with overall dimensions of 202 mm, is also available with blade made of AUS-8 steel with the same finish, or with black finish and Micarta handle with green shades.

The kydex sheath is molded around the blade and holds the knife with a pressure retention mechanism. Thanks to the clip that comes with the sheath, knife can be easily clipped to the belt without having to unfasten it. Furthermore the clips can be easily positioned in various configurations in order to allow also to be positioned horizontally on the belt.

Since this is a preview, the sheath was a prototype, but in the commercial version it will be substantially identical in shape although with some improvements from the point of view of blade retention (which in the prototype wasn't optimal). In countries where it is not permitted to wear a knife in the urban context, this knife loses the connotation that had been given by the manufacturer (hence the name URBAN). Since, however, the product has a very versatile conformation, it can be seen as a small utility backup for outdoor or even for hunting.


To test product usability, we have made some small cutting tests, initially on paper to estimate edge sharpening quality, subsequently, on materials such as cardboard, leather and mooring ropes.

The sharpening made by Kizlyar Supreme is well made, the cutting tests have given positive results on all materials.


The retail price in Russia is of 55 € for the version in AUS-8 stainless, and 64 € for the version in D2. European prices have not yet been disclosed, but intuitively will be similar to those of Nikki and Santi models. More information about prices and product availability can be found on German distributor website  www.klingenwelt.de

With URBAN model the Russian producer has been shown to be able to leave space to aesthetic factor, in addition to the quality and functionality of the products that, surely, are a strong point of this new brand.


Kizlyar Supreme distinguishes itself in the market as an emerging brand that pays attention to the latest trends, always in constant evolution, but also to the production of quality products with a balanced price. These products will surely have to be monitored closely in the near future.


Technical Data Sheet:

Producer: Kizlyar Supreme, made in Russia  www.kizlyarsupreme.com

Type: fixed blade, drop point

Steel: D2 stone wash finish

Blade lenght: 93.6 mm

Thickness: 3.2 mm

Overall lenght: 202 mm

Handle: Micarta

Weight: 140 g

Sheath: Kydex with removable clip


This article was published onto Italian magazine "Armi e Balistica" n.24 (Jan 2014)