Biker Z: \"Складные ножи из России\" на сайте (Август 2013)

Biker Z: "Складные ножи из России" на сайте (Август 2013)





Складные ножи из России: Biker Z by Kizlyar Supreme

Author: Alessandra De Santis


News on blades market with the entry of Kizlyar Supreme, manufacturers of Hi-Tech next generation knives from Russia.

After its debut in 2011, which took place simultaneously in Russia, Germany and Australia, Kizlyar Supreme has become in a short time leader brand in Russia, and is now enjoying success on European market.

Composed by a multicultural team of designers from Russia, Germany, Japan and Australia, the Kizlyar Supreme has succeeded in creating products that are characterized by precision finishes, quality materials and achievements.


The variety of Russian knives is large, ranging from hunting fixed blade and those from mil-tac and outdoor, up to the folder knives. All Kizlyar Supreme's products are characterized by simplicity of the lines, but at the same time, they were made with the imperative to be really useful. So they don 't need of unnecessary embellishments, because their ultimate goal is to be functional and durable. In particular, the folding knives, available in different designs and finishes, are a display of precision and accuracy in machining; in fact the Kizlyar Supreme is at the forefront with the modern equipment and machinery use for knives production.

Among folder knives the choice varies from classic lines, such as those of "Gentleman" and "Karbuk" models, to the more modern and versatile lines, such as "Bloke" and "Biker" series.

The latter, in particular, is made in various versions: Biker X and Biker Z, both with liner-lock system and rathersimilar in design but with some structural differences. Biker X models, available with different finishes, are fitted with double guard and a secondary safety mechanism.

The Biker Z instead is fitted of single guard, and is devoid of double safety mechanism. This doesn 't imply that it is a lower-end product, but it is simply a variant that allows a different use of the knife. The absence of the guard, allows the positioning of the thumb more advanced along the spine blade, to perform operations that require greater precision.


The Biker Z is a generously sized folder (open size is 22 cm), with a modified clip point blade 89 mm long and 3 mm thick, made of AUS-8 steel with Titanium gray coating finish.


The liner-lock is achieved in a rigorous manner, with precise connections that give strength to the knife. The blade is very stable, and can be opened with thumb-stud, or with a wrist thrust, after releasing the blade making lever with your index finger on the guard, which protrudes from the handle; in this way you can open the knife with extreme rapidity, despite it is not a flipper opening knife.


The blade accurately rotates on a pivot with standard torx head, and with the aid of two Teflon washers, which makes smoother the knife opening. Initially, like with all new folding knives, the opening will be a little hard, but after a series of openings and closings, the knife will start to opening with a pleasant smoothness.


The steel liners are located in the handle which is contoured internally to accommodate them with perfection; the thumb stud stop is make on steel, because if it is realized on the handle material, it would be ruined and, with time, it could break and create blade movements.

The G10 textured handle, despite its simplicity, inspires a certain class to the knife line, making it pleasantly understated and suitable for every occasion.


The Biker Z blade is also available with D2 or 440C steel, with satin or titanium gray coating finishes. The G10 handle color can be selected between gray and desert.


This product has great qualities and potential, while presenting some points which, in my opinion, can be improved; for example, the reduced protrusion of the liner to unlock the blade makes the knife closure a bit difficult, especially for those who have large fingers.


The Kizlyar Supreme professionalism and helpfulness is admirable. They always make attention to user feedback, so they have already make improvements in the new models (currently in production).


Surely these prerogatives are a further point in favor of a young company, which from the beginning has been shown great dynamism and expertise, making quality and reliable knives with great attention to details such as packaging. Forget boxes made of folded cardboard, here we start with a simple, elegant and practical rigid box with magnetic closure.

To store and transport your knives, you can buy separately a ballistic nylon pouch, MOLLE compatible, implemented in different models and configurations, ideal for storing even multitools, flashlights, pistol magazines or other accessories.


Thanks to the compatibility with the MOLLE system, this pouch can also be mounts on Kizlyar Supreme fixed blade sheaths of tactical and outdoor series.

The Kizlyar Supreme products, can be purchased on German website or, and have a quality/price ratio considerably advantageous. The Biker Z has a customer price of around 50 € for the 440C version, and 60€ for the D2 steel version.

As evidence of the company attention for their products quality, all knives come with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect.


Overall the feeling expressed by all of these factors is absolutely positive. Dynamism, quality and convenience are rare and wanted features. If we add to this the professionalism and humility of Kizlyar Supreme's staff, we will get a brand that, although young, has all the credentials to make his way in blades world.


Technical Data Sheet:

Producer: Kizlyar Supreme (Russia) -

Type: folder, Liner-Lock

Steels: D2, 440C, AUS-8

Blade Finish: Satin or Titanium Coating

Total length (mm): 220

Blade length (mm): 89

Blade thickness (mm): 3

Handle: G10